Project Details

Company: Pink Rose Lingerie Pvt. Ltd.
Project Duration: 6 Months
Project Type: web application
android application

Project Description

Laavian is a personalized app for Pink Rose Lingeri Pvt. Ltd. It is used to track their salesman during their market visit. Everyday route is planned for each salesman and they are tracked with the help of your their exact GPS location. We have also incorporated digital catalog. All the retail stores are stored in the application with their address and contact details. It will help salesman to contact any retailer. Salesman takes order on phone itself. There is also a facility to take on call orders through this app. Everything is tracked and reports are generated on the basis of their activities which is represented graphically for better understanding. The app is user friendly and very useful to company having more than 10 employees. Technology Used : Android, Eclipse, SQL, Python

Rashesh Shah
Rashesh Shah Pink Rose Lingerie Pvt. Ltd.
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