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Fafadia is our Founders Family Name. Their father, Dilip J Shah already runs Fafadia Group, so the idea was that Fafadia Tech would be a subsidiary company under Fafadia Group focusing on Technology. Keeping up the legacy and goodwill was one of the main intentions.

We've been in existence since 2009, most of clients are US based. We're under NDA and hence we cannot disclose all the projects that we've worked on. Having said that you're free to take a look at our client testimonials, and ask for references.

Fafadia Tech's mission is to make organizations efficient, reliable and competitive by use of technology.

Fafadia Tech believe in collaborative model with our clients. What this means is:

  • We have experience developing Technology Solutions end-to-end
  • We communicate effectively, not just what client wants to hear from us.
  • We bring our years of experience on common things one should avoid and take care while working with Software Projects
  • Our team consists of Developers and Project Managers that work in harmony to achieve business objectives

We’d score about 7/12 on Joel’s 12 Step Checklist. We use Git for version control. We have worked with Jenkins but use it only on projects that we’re maintaining long term. Yes we do fix new bugs before we work on new features. We now have a template for Project Requirements and way to maintain updated Schedule. We have an open working space, but it's quite mostly. In our new office we have a dedicated Conference room as well. We like to keep our hardware updated. Anytime someone makes a request for hardware update we do it without questioning. We have two dedicated testers that keep breaking things up for our programmers. Yes we do ask candidates to write code during their interview. We’re trying to get hallway testing going..

Fafadia Tech uses opensource technology. Our typical technology stack is:

  • Django is our choice of Web Framework which runs on Python
  • We're in process of migrating our projects to Python 3
  • For databases we use Postgres & MySQL
  • For UI designing we use Bootstrap
  • We use jQuery for Javascript library, we're actively working with Vue.js and React.jsOn mobile application we're using Swift for iOS. Java is used for Android, with active effort to migrated it to Kotlin
  • We use Github and Bitbucket for storing code repository
  • We use HipChat for internal communications
  • We use Trello and JIRA for project tracking
  • Skype is used for our communications

Yes, infact re-engineering is one of our forte. In past we've worked on 4 code bases spanning couple of years where in we were responsible for tasks like:

  1. Extending functionality of current code base
  2. Migrating bits and pieces of current infrastructure and code
  3. Complete re-write of projects from Legacy languages to modern Technologiess

Fafadia Tech believes in delivering value as opposed to being just cost competitor. Few traits amongst customers where we had successful engagement is:

  • Having clear requirements and an expectation what they want our team to deliver
  • Open and frequent communication
  • Organizations looking to leverage our expertise in developing products end to end

Initial years of Fafadia Tech has gone into exploring different verticals. We did this because our Founders were passionate of trying different technologies. Some of the verticals that we've worked in:

  • Retail & eCommerce
  • Finance
  • Health Care
  • Business to Consumer
  • Education

Our team is 10 members with average experience of 2.5 years. We have 30% of team that are full stack developers.