Published On : 04 Nov 2018

Summary: How To Make Your Code More Pythonic?

Just like any other form of art, Programming can always be improved. In daily grind to deliver working …

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Published On : 29 Jan 2018

Summary: Django - I Didn't Know Queryset Could Do That

Queryset are commonly used with Django's ORM. I Didn't Know Querysets Could do That by Charlie Guo is …

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Published On : 28 Jan 2018

Summary: Decorators - A Powerful Weapon In Your Python Arsenal

Decorators and Generators are one of the most appealing features of Pythons. Colton Myers gave a talk at …

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Published On : 16 Jan 2018

Download Nse & Bse Bhavcopies In Python Using Click

One of the key selling points of Python is ability to create command line script that have ability …

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Published On : 15 Jan 2018

Summary: How To Be More Effective With Functions

Effective Python is one the good books that is thought of to be Python 202. Once you've got …

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Published On : 10 Feb 2017

Summary: Refactoring Python: Why And How To Restructure Your Code

Refactoring is often not budgeted. But as Brett Slatkin mentions in his PyCon 2016 talk it is one …

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Published On : 08 Feb 2017

Pro Tip: Code Review Checklist{Django Covered}

Code Review are a great tool and you should do it often. Best Practices for Code Review gives …

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Published On : 07 Feb 2017

Summary: How To Write Reusable Code

OOP was not a silver bullet. How to write reusable code? Through hard work its not free or …

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Published On : 01 Feb 2017

Summary: How To Write Actually Object Oriented Python

Summary of PyGotham 2014 Talk. Procedural programming simple steps and recipie of things and steps to follow that …

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Published On : 29 Jan 2017

Summary: Design For Non-Designers

Django Con 2016 Video nicely explains and gives tips for non-designers. Its a good talk to get you …

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