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  • Technology

    Django, Python, Celery, Scrapy, Apache Tika

Project Detail

In USA at any given point in time there are about 5000 Patent related litigations going on. For each of these cases there is a high demand for technological experts to give testimony and take part in depositions. XpertConnect is a platform that uses custom built matching engine for introducing a qualified expert to Attorneys.

Key technologies built for this project include

  • Taxonomy of Organizing Patent
  • Implementing variants of Matching algorithms
  • An engine that extracts key information from Resumes
  • Building of Scraper that extracts key information from ongoing cases

Unique about the Project

Implementation and validation of models for matching. Testing with relatively large corpus of 2000 Experts and 22000 Patents. Reducing time for matching to an acceptable time of 24hrs on single server instance. Implementation of responsive web application with linkages to Communication Center, Quick Books and Adobe Sign.