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Not just a YES man. We share lessons from our experience which
enables customer take better decisions.

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Excellent Communication Skills

Continuous and frequent communication ensures you are in the
loop all the time.

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Outcome Driven Approach

Understand critical factor for successful engagement is our habit.
We achieve these objectives while execution.

Our Approach

About Fafadia Tech

Fafadia Tech is a Information Technology (IT) organization focused on delivering smart, next-generation business solutions that help enterprises across the world overcome their business challenges. These solutions leverage innovations in technology, knowledge of business processes, and domain expertise to provide clients a competitive edge.

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Our Service

Each organization has a process, this allow them to deliver services in an efficient manner. Although there are many Software Engineering methodologies, we use a mix of both Waterfall and Agile. At Fafadia Tech we believe in taking a pragmatic approach as opposed to choosing a camp, especially in an era where things are fast moving. So what part of our process is more Waterfall like than Agile? We do the following studies that are taken from Waterfall playbook.

Fafadia Tech has worked in different verticals in Technical areas like Data Mining & Machine learning, Data Science & Visualization, Information retrieval & Natural language Processing, Internet of things, Test Automation.

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Team Members

Client testimonials

Robert Perry

STC Corp

There are many competent software engineering vendors to choose from today with a wide range of pricing. I've worked with many, but Mr. Shah and his team have a very personal, open and honest approach that is hard to find. I highly recommend Mr. Shah and Fafadiatech for any small to large software project.

Raju PenMatcha

Founder & CEO of SRP Systems

Fafadia Tech is a delight to work with. Fafadia Tech helped us with design, development, and testing of a Python and Django project (with complex big data processing, API interfaces with multiple external systems) and he was able to handle it with breeze. He is also quite dependable and is technically very strong. Fafadia Tech satisfies his clients beyond expectations.

Benjamin Goertzel

Chief Science Officer at Aidyia Limited

​Fafadia Tech did a great job technically and in terms of communication. The work involved user interface and database oriented development in support of an AI project, and leveraged his familiarity with AI. They understood our sketchy spec well, worked through all the related technical issues himself, and reacted gracefully as we tweaked the spec during the course of his work. Very strongly recommended!

Andrew Allen

Founder, Escapaide

Brilliant programmers!

Perfect English!

Incredibly proficient and knowledgeable!

Our Clients