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Our system consists of Web Application responsible for generating reports, a Mobile/Tablet Application for Android that will allow field staff to report events to HQ on the go. Following are some salient features of the application

  • 1 Doctor / Dealer listing
  • Contact Management

  • 2 Configurable Team Hierarchy
  • Configure Access rights based on your hierarchy (usually based on Geography)

  • 3 Route Plan
  • Plan your route and view it on Mobile App

  • 4 DCR (Daily Call Record)
  • Route plan details get Auto-populated on the DCR for respective date by default. Input the following to complete your DCR

    • Check-in / Check-out Button: This records the GPS co-ordinates for recording the location and also records the time
    • Products Promoted: Select products promoted from an easy to use drop-down menu
    • Feedback: Note-down feedback from Doctors/Dealers and use it to optimize your strategy
    • Promotional Material: Select Promotional material given from another easy to use drop-down menu
    • Off-take details: In case of Dealers, record the off-take details on DCR
    • Expenses: Record expenses for the day in your DCR
  • 5 Leave Management
  • Manage your leave application and approval from the Mobile App and/or Web App (Browser)

  • 6 Expense Management
  • Record Expenses either on DCR or Web Application (Browser) in case you are facing connectivity issues

  • 7 Messaging
  • Send messages to your colleagues and Managers

  • 8 Reports
  • View reports based on data recorded which include

    • Daily Call Summary
    • Vacant Territories
    • MSL Doctors
    • Expense Summary
    • Top 10 Territories
    • Bottom 10 Territories
    • Territory Performance
    • Feedback Summary
  • 9 E-Detailing
  • Load all your visual aids on the App for easy detailing


Ease of Use

  • Use on existing Mobile devices: The app can be used on existing mobile devices of your MRs, most of them use Android phone, which is good enough for this App, you can start recording data at no additional hardware cost
  • Intuitive Design: Easy to use, user friendly and intuitive design lets you concentrate on core activities

Business Process Optimization

  • Record DCR on the go: Use our Mobile App to view and record valuable information
  • GPS based Location Recording: GPS based location tracking makes it easier to record the actual location

Better Decision Making

  • Make sense of valuable field data: Zeus lets you make sense of valuable data recorded on our App which would otherwise go unused if recorded on Paper
  • KPI Dashboard: Management gets a KPI dashboard to enable them make better business decisions

Value for Money

  • Low initial cost: Our initial cost only includes cost for loading master data
  • Pay per user: Pay as your grow, our SaaS model allows you to scale your operations without worries

Improve Sales Experience and Volume

  • Makes Sales Reps’ lives easier: Sales Reps do not have to worry about mundane tasks like filing paperwork like Route plans and DCRs, these names become meaningful rather than just mundane paperwork
  • Base your decisions on valid data: Management can base their decisions on valid data which is recorded via our Mobile App, thanks to GPS which makes sure the data is actual and not concocted
  • Optimize your strategy: Management can validate and/or update their strategy based on data and therefore knowledge(processed information) gained from the system