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Fafadia Tech prefers opensource technologies, we've generally been vertical neutral. But if we were to pick top-three competencies we would choose:

Python Development

Python has stood the test of time at Fafadia Tech. It was used since the early days and we take pride in the fact that more than 70% of our projects have been implemented using Python.

In terms of frameworks we've used almost all of Pythonic frameworks. Two absolute essential tools of our include: Django and Python.

Following are some use-cases where we've used Python in production setting:


Generally there isn't API for data/feeds you'd like to consume. More often than not you end up writing a scraper for the job. We have extensive experience working with Scrapy, Custom Crawler {using Celery and Hadoop}. Typical use-cases include database curation and creation of corpus for text mining task.

Information Retrieval

Apache Lucene, Solr and ElasticSearch are some excellent choices for implementing search in your application. We've implemented Microservices wrapped around these components. The reasons of doing this was faster iteration {without need for writing custom plugins}. This allowed us to reduce cycle of ideation to evaluation.

Machine Learning

We've deployed Dynamic Pricing Engine and Churn Prediction Engine in production. For both of these use-cases we've implemented and tested models in Python. Our preferred choice of ML library is Scikit Learn.

Data Science

Understanding user behaviour is tricky, what is even trickier is to get meaningful inference from access logs. Python has helped us in many cases to derive insights from access logs and help our customers take informed decisions.

Mobile Application Development

In past we've experimented with Hybrid Application Development platforms like Cordova, but our opinionated choice of development tool include using Native Application frameworks.

Most of our Mobile Applications are done using Java {and Kotlin -- experimental} on Android. On iOS we're preferring Swift over Objective C given the general direction of community as a whole.

Healthcare and Business to Consumer are some of verticals where we've developed mobile applications the most.

Re-Engineering Projects

Re-writing a legacy application into a newer and more maintainable technology stack is challenging. Over the year we've learned from our experience few things that help project succeed:

  • Clear documentation of project goals and objectives
  • Context and Project plan approach
  • Acceptance criteria

We've re-written applications in Finance, Healthcare and Business to Consumer domain.