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Each organization has a process, this allow them to deliver services in an efficient manner. Although there are many Software Engineering methodologies, we use a mix of both Waterfall and Agile. At Fafadia Tech we believe in taking a pragmatic approach as opposed to choosing a camp, especially in an era where things are fast moving. So what part of our process is more Waterfall like than Agile? We do the following studies that are taken from Waterfall playbook.

Requirements Gathering

We do an extensive requirements gathering, which cover the following sections :

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Project Planning
  • 3 High Level Design
  • 4 Technical Architecture
  • 5 Use Case Breakdown
  • 6 Time & Cost Estimates
  • 7 Open Questions
  • 8 Development
  • 9 Testing
  • 10 Deployment

Does this mean that we will not incorporate change? -- Absolutely not. This is where the Agile bit comes into play, our team set onto a 2-3 weekly sprint where following activities are covered:

  • Approval for all involved members in terms of what is getting worked on that time frame is done
  • Weekly status updates and review meeting between project members is undertaken
  • Release notes are delivered at end of each sprint
  • Retrospection and corrective actions are taken {for possible bugs or mis-interpretation of requirements}
  • Updating of Requirements Document and Schedule is done.

Feasibility Study

Depending on the Project {either Re-Engineering or Product Development} Fafadia Tech may conduct a Feasibility Study. The main purpose of this study is to:

  • Capture shortcoming in current System/Approach
  • Capture explicitly key success criterias of a Re-Engineering project
  • Detailed root-cause analysis of why an issue has occurred
  • Identification of any technical artifacts that support approaches to avoiding those defects in future