ChatBot as Digital Assistant


ChatBots is not a new concept. Infact Eliza was one of the first tools created that showed how communication between humans and machine would take place. It worked by using simple rules.

Today there are multiple tools and frameworks available for building chat bots, they could be used for

  1. Customer Support

  2. Answer simple factoid related question

  3. Set reminders and meetings

Cortana and Siri came to life thanks to CALO Initiative

In this article we cover how different technologies can be integrated to create an agent that assists in monitoring news for different entities and topics

Motivating Examples

Lets say you’re a busy executive at an organization that need to track information in a given industry vertical with following requirements:

  1. Ability to track multiple sources of news articles

  2. Automatic way to learning interest model

  3. Ability to automatically summarize key information

Implementation Approaches