Development Process

PR based git workflow

At Fafadia Tech we use git for version control, this section talks about how to use PR based workflow. This is adaptation of A successful Git branching model.


As mentioned in original workflow, here are the steps

1. Create issue under repo of you code hosting provider {Either github or bitbucket}

  • Create issues on GitHub using mentioned instructions

  • Create issues on BitBucket using mentioned instructions

  1. Create feature branch from master

git checkout -b FT_12_CHANGE_CSS

Here FT is project prefix, 12 is issue number you’ve created {either for feature/bug} and CHANGE_CSS is short description of what you’re working on.

  1. Make changes to code and push to repo, and push to origin

git commit -m "ref #12: changed minor css issue"
git push origin FT_12_CHANGE_CSS

Using the above ref syntax, will allow you to associate set of commits to the issue. This gives rich context should issue be re-opened or in other situations

Be sure to push to branch name on origin {and not master} as mentioned above.

4. Create PR in Process. Upon doing first commit on this branch you will be prompted to create a PR, clicking on that link will create the PR

  1. If PR gets rejected goto step #3

  2. On PR gets accepted, be sure to pull changes from master {i.e. sync with master} before working on a new Feature or Bug

git checkout master
git pull origin master

PR submission checklist